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Who are Stop Slip?

Stop Slip have been supplying top quality anti-slip products and services since 2005.

They have extensive knowledge and experience of UK and European anti-slip legislation which they combine with the best anti-slip products on the market to significantly reduce the problems associated with slip accidents in both public and work spaces.

Why should I consider Anti-Slip products?

If you are a property owner and someone has an accident on your land, you may find yourself legally responsible for the injuries. These accidents occur when someone slips, trips or falls as a direct result of a danger or hazard. These include accidents as a result of water, snow and ice or hidden hazards like a gap or hard to see hole in the ground.

80% of accidents in the UK are not claimed against, though with insurance companies offering cheap insurance to cover clients with up to £50,000 in Legal Aid to pursue claims such as "slipping and injuring yourself on a slippery shop entrance" claims are likely to be pursued more and more vigorously.

In the past few years there has been a steady increase in claims made in the UK and you can be sure that this increase will follow the trend of the rest of the world and continue to rise in the future. We have all heard and seen the 'No Win No Fee' commercials with law firms increasingly pursuing Personal Injury claims worldwide.

Nationwide installer for Stop Slip

Although most of Stop Slip's anti-slip products are simple and straightforward to install using their installation guides and 'how to' advice, they also offer a Nationwide Installation Service for their clients which they use for larger anti-slip jobs or where their customers simply do not have the maintenance staff to carry out the installation.

Stop Slip have chosen to appoint KentLincs their nationwide installer as we help them guarantee full UK coverage and quality installations.

How does the anti-slip installation service work?

After receiving a brief of the work to be undertaken an appointment will be made for a contracts manager to visit the site and undertake a full on site survey. This includes accurate measuring of the work site to ensure correct cutting of materials and also the right product quantities are ordered to avoid any possible costly wastage. The contracts manager will be able to discuss and explain the entire installation procedure to the client whilst on site.

Risk assessments and method statements will be supplied for all works to be undertaken before any commencement of work is carried out for the customer to approve.

All the operatives utilised by Stop Slip are fully trained and experienced in all aspects of the product installations and hold all relevant certificates and insurance.

The benefits of installation?

  • Measurements will be completely accurate removing the responsibility from the client
  • KentLincs are fully experienced in installing the range of Stop Slip products
  • Fully insured and certificated personnel
  • Quicker installation time equals less down time
  • Big or small products undertaken
  • Full National Service
  • Clients can be worked with from the initial stages of the project right through to completion

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